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Birch & TEACCH

Birch has been a supporter of the TEACCH Methodology for many years. The original TEACCH (Treatment and Education of Autistic and related Communication-handicapped CHildren) was developed by Eric Schopler in 1974 at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine. Today, Division TEACCH continues to provide groundbreaking strategies in its efforts to improve the lives of people with autism spectrum disorders.

Birch Family Services uses the TEACCH methodology at its many schools and residential programs. In 1994, Birch became certified to provide Introduction to TEACCH and Hands-On Core Training. We have found that TEACCH training achieves the maximum level of independent functioning, in an environment that is respectful, nurturing and highly structured, to be both successful and sustainable.

Our TEACCH programs utilize the strengths and interests of people on the autism spectrum in all facets of programming, while also acknowledging that people on the autism spectrum perceive the world differently. TEACCH provides strategies that people use to live their lives with purpose.

Since people on the autism spectrum generally have stronger visual rather than auditory skills, TEACCH and thus Birch, emphasize the use of visual supports where and whenever someone needs them.

Since most people on the autism spectrum function optimally when their worlds are clear and predictable, TEACCH and thus Birch, place an emphasis on using highly structured environments.

BTI training for educational, residential and/or vocational programs are designed to facilitate independence at whatever level possible. For different people this means different things; for some it means going to college, while for others it may be having a friend or using the bathroom independently.

Birch’s TEACCH programs provide as much or as little of the needed external supports to allow growth and learning to occur in all general life skills and curriculum areas.

Birch Family Services partners with Bank Street to offer Masters Level credit courses for professional development.

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