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Birch’s Privacy Policy

Birch Family Services is committed to safeguarding your personal privacy while using this site. Please read the following policy to understand how the personal information you may choose to provide will be treated. This policy may change from time to time so please check back for updates.

What Information Does Birch Services Collect

We offer the option of making tax deductible contributions to Birch Services with a credit card and will collect the information needed to make those transactions.

How is the Personal Information Used

The information you provide to us either by email or on the contributions form, specifically any information and views included in the comments section, will be used to learn more about the community we serve, and to provide individual users access to information and services that best fit their interests and needs, and to have a way of contacting you in the future regarding the activities and services of Birch Services. If after providing this information to us, you decide at some point that you no longer wish to be contacted regarding the services we provide and upcoming events, you can simply contact us by e-mail and stop the use of your personal information in this manner. With respect to any use of your credit card on this site, such information will be strictly limited to completing the specific transaction with the credit card company.

Aggregate Survey Information

We will protect any personal information you provide as described above, however, Birch Services reserves the right to use aggregated, anonymous data about our users as a group. This data does not contain any personally identifiable information. For instance, we might report to current or potential partners that a certain percentage of our users live in a specific area of the country, or represent certain types of organizations, or have certain types of interests. This type of survey information is intended to allow a more targeted selection of benefits and opportunities for our users as a group.

Parents and Children Under the Age of 18

If you are under the age of 18, be sure to ask your parents for permission before you send any information about yourself to this site or to anyone over the Internet.


Birch Services reserves the right to amend or alter its on-line privacy policy at any time without notice by posting such change to this site.

Privacy Policy