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Nurturing dreams and exceeding expectations.

Through our network of preschools and schools, we provide a continuum of services for typically developing children and children with special needs. Our goals are simple: to help every child reach his or her highest level of achievement and ability and to support their families.

Early Childhood Program

A start in the right direction

We provide educational services for over 1,500 children, with and without disabilities. Our classrooms are nurturing settings where children grow intellectually, socially, and emotionally. Equally important is our work with parents to develop supportive home environments.

Our staff uses state-of-the-art methods to develop children’s language, literacy, and social skills. Our approaches are effective because they are grounded in a strong knowledge of child development and best practices in early childhood education.

School Age Program

Teaching skills that last a lifetime

This is a place where children ages five to 21 with emotional, cognitive, language or pervasive developmental disorders, learn the skills they need to achieve independence. We build literacy, numeracy and communication into every aspect of learning, and offer experiences with music, the arts and technology, so that our students can develop new skills, take risks, and achieve a strong sense of self-worth.

We believe that the vocational, social and communication skills students need to transition from the educational to the adult world should be developed from a very young age, and offer age-appropriate experiences for our students to prepare for this transition.

Children’s Residential Project

Some school-age individuals have disabilities so severe and behaviors so challenging that they require their educational and health and safety needs to be met in facilities such as a Birch’s Children’s Residential Project (CRP). Birch’s CRP offers coordinated treatment approaches 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in highly structured residential and educational environments that insure student safety and support student learning.

Education Services
Educating our Youth